SKITBM Winter!

Ah, Winter.  You were a cold one this year.  You dumped snow after snow while getting down to lows that make northern Canadians feel at home.  But Spring is in her convertible rolling down the highway towards me.  By this time of year, I’m tired of the brown ground and grey skies.  This year, you have spared me from that same fate, but you have caused some projects to be put off until later.  I was too busy constantly cutting wood and keep the animals alive to do those projects.  Normally, I try not to be an asshole, but with tonight being the last day of single digit temperatures (according to the weather people), I cannot say I’ll be a gentleman.  I’ll be in Spring’s convertible looking back at you, Winter, flipping you off with both middle fingers.  Please, do not hold that against me when you come back later this year.  SKITBM!  (Suck It!  Boom!)

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