So Obvious People Do Not Get It

I try to look at things from other people’s perspective.  That way, I (hopefully) know where they are coming from and can better communicate with them.  Some people are just plain idiots.  I love the Dilbert ( comic strip.  Before I worked in the corporate environment, I never got the humor.  Now, it is so true it isn’t even funny (yeah, that was a pun-like phrase).  I laugh at the strip and think of all the people in real life that are just like that.  The same people will read that strip and not see it, even if you tell them.  Wally is my favorite character.  He is my hero.  I know of few of them in the real world, but they oblivious to what they are doing compared to Wally.  Here is to hoping life does not imitate art too closely!  Thankfully, I can always have a laugh thanks to Dilbert and the people I work with/for.

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