Someone Stole My Chair!

I was at the kid’s football practice last evening.  I always bring the bag chair and sit on the hill near the other parents.  I’ve left that chair to talk to people, use the bathroom, and get food from the concession stand.  No issues.  That chair has always been right there.  Last night, our boys were scrimmaging some Zanesville kids.  It was near the end of practice when I went to talk to a guy I know.  Five minutes later, I return with my chair, gone.  Who the hell steals a bag chair?  As much as I would like to say I’ll  hunt down that bastard and stab him/her in the face, it’s a freaking bag chair.  I do not care about it.  It was old and shitty.  I’ll just go buy a new one that is more comfortable to sit in.  Frickin Zanesville people.  I guess they needed that chair more than me.  I’ll GPS tag this new chair.

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