Standard for a Reason

Our kitchen faucet was broken and crap, so we bought a new one.  I go to install it last night, and it did not go as well as I expected.  Switching a faucet is easy.  A complete dumbass should be able to do it.  It is never a good thing when you have to bust out the Sawzall to remove the old faucet.  I did, and that was done.  Installing the new faucet was easy…. until I got to hooking up the water supply lines.  For some stupid-ass reason, the plumber who installed the water lines to the sink used weird-ass shutoff valves.  Non-standard shutoff valves.  Now, I have two different female ends that need connected.  The guy at the hardware store insisted I was crazy.  Why the hell would people use non-standard equipment?  It just makes life way more difficult for the people who use and work on it.  Whoever decided to use those weird shutoff valves deserves a throat punch.

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