The Agony

I do not know which is worse: Sitting through 2.5 hours of a tattoo or the 2.5 days of itching that follows.  I made up the 2.5 days of itching.  It’s more like a week of itching, and I can’t scratch it.  The healing process needs to happen without me causing more damage by scratching and picking the peeling flakes off.  Getting a tattoo is a two week process.  I thought sitting through the needles would be the worst part.  It isn’t.  Sitting in the chair, I know the pain will be temporary and only last a couple of hours.  I can sit through that.  It’s the scratchy, itchiness under the shirt that is the real killer.  I know this is temporary as well, but it seems like forever when I know I have a couple more days to go.  In the end, it will be worth it, and I’ll have a bad-ass tattoo that will last forever until my skin sags and this body arts turns into a Picasso looking thing when I’m old.

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