The Itch

I have been getting that itch to write another book.  If I was not going to school, I probably would have written by fourth book by now.  I love that my son plays football, but working full time, going to school full time, and having football four days a week was too much to add writing another book.  The biggest hurdle, though, is school.  I will be honest, it is easy, but it is mentally draining.  Cramming the contents of a regular class into eight weeks can be daunting.  After a day’s work, plus an evening put towards school, my mind feels like it has been raped by a band of mercenary raccoons on Viagra, steroids, and ecstasy hell-bent on making my mind their bitch.  I am lucky to be able to not be drooling in a vegetative state listening to the constant ringing in my ears, mistaking it for music.

Huh?  Shit!  I was drooling listening to the music…

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