The Nature of Things

Two days ago, I opened the door from the house to the garage to head out and get some things done.  I glanced down, and it looked like Peter Rabbit stepped on a land mine.  There was a back rabbit’s foot, some intestines, a liver, some fur, and a ton of blood on the garage floor.  The cat apparently got himself a tasty bunny dinner.  The cat was strutting his stuff ever so proud of his accomplishments.  The worst part of cleaning it up was the intestines leaving a black streak of nastiness on the floor.  The next day, a bunch of feathers and a pair of kidneys.  I congratulate the cat and clean up the mess.  I would rather there be mice kidneys and tails on the floor instead of bunnies or birds, but that is the nature of the cat.  This cat is damn good at it.

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