The Problem With Logic

The problem with logic is that no one uses it.  Sure, we do not want a bunch of Vulcan-like people who have no emotion, but we also do not want a bunch of idiots running around doing everything but something that makes sense.  One of the biggest errs in logical thinking is thinking everyone follows every law.  Whether you want to believe it or not, we are all criminals.  Speed while driving?  I rarely see anyone who does not.  Impede traffic by going the speed limit?  That’s a crime too in some states.  Most of us are petty criminals whose violations merit nothing more than a $100 ticket.

If we cannot expect others to follow simple laws (as dumb as they might seem), how do politicians expect hardened, violent criminals to follow any laws?  It does not matter what laws are passed.  Ban all guns, make it illegals to look up at the sky, or outlaw wiping your ass with your left hand.  The hardened criminals do not care.  They will get their weapons from the streets or other countries.  They will wipe with their left hand just to break the law.  Most of these knee-jerk laws that are put in place do nothing to deter those criminals.  In fact, they entice criminals to break the law more as there is less resistance in their way as the rest of us will follow those laws.  Look at Chicago.  The city with one of the most strictest gun laws in the nation has one of the highest levels of violent gun crimes in the nation.

No amount of laws, or penalties for breaking said laws, will ever deter a hardened criminal from doing what they want, and there is nothing anyone can say to prove otherwise.  After all, if you’re a criminal, the logical thing to do is to be a criminal in a place with the most laws.

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more; let me add another point. Not only will the criminals break the laws since they break them anyway, but the rest of us law abiding citizens are the ones who pay the price with stricter laws that we must follow. So they will have the guns and we will not or at least have less of an ability to defend ourselves. Think NY; 7 rounds a clip verse 15 – 30 for the criminal.

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