The WTF Moment…

We, as human beings, generally act on emotions.  We do things because we want to do them.  We would like to think that we only do things that will benefit us, but we all know that is not always true.  I have done completely stupid things just because I wanted to.  (Pulling the e-brake going around a turn in the rain comes to mind.)  It was not going to better me.  In fact, it was probably going to cause me more grief in the long run.  Some people look at marriage as one of those things.  I can see both sides of that argument.  Excluding arranged marriages, rarely do people marry for pure financial benefit.  Most of the time, we are emotionally invested in that other person and the situation.  Marriage has its highs and lows.  When your marriage is on a high, all you can think of is how good the situation, and your life, is.  When the marriage is at the lows, you have that “what the fuck?” moment.  You wonder how you didn’t see all the wrong before.  You wonder how much more of this you can take.

The “what the fuck?” moment is not exclusive to marriage.  It can happen with anything.  Your job, your schooling, your career, any relationship you’re involved with, your family, etc.  Over the past year or so, I have had more than my fair share of “what the fuck?” moments.  One good thing about WTF is it makes me think.  Sometimes, I do not want to think.  Sometimes, I do not want to feel.  Sometimes, my logical mind and my emotion state do not agree at all.  Sometimes (the word of the day), my WTF moments have WTF moments of themselves.  Needless to say, when those moments happen, I might need (but often reject) help figuring shit out.

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