There Needs to be a Reset

There seriously need to be a reset on Earth.  The good news is that we are doing it to ourselves.  The bad news is that we will not get rid of stupid people fast enough to make much of a difference in my lifetime.  Now, before everyone gets all butt hurt over this, I am not saying we should go kill stupid people.  “Survival of the fittest” was supposed to do that, but what Darwin didn’t take into account is that stupid people breed, a lot.  The governments of the world have told stupid people it is okay to breed because the government will support their family when they cannot.  The more stupid-people offspring, the more the government helps.  Normal, intelligent people know their limits with children.  Accidents do happen, but even when they might have a kid too many, they find a way to afford it and keep the smart side of the gene pool in tact.  Unfortunately, stupid people out-breed intelligent people 10 to 1.

About the only way to get rid of the stupid people epidemic is to allow climate change (whether it is man made or natural, it doesn’t really matter because stupid people don’t care and intelligent people will debate it) to occur and let the Earth eliminate most of the human population.  Hopefully, all of the stupid ones perish.  There will be a few who escape the fate of their brethren, but the gene pool will have been chlorinated.

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