Thinking Like It’s 1997

WTF people?  I find it hard to believe that in 2014 people are completely oblivious to how computers function and common sense.  It isn’t 1997.  Back then, I had to modify files with a text editor that didn’t have mouse support in order to play a game.  Windows 95 was still out, and Linux needed to be compiled before it could be installed.  The internet as we see it today was only a couple of years old and most people were still using AOL dial-up.  This is 2014 people!  Every job I know of requires computer skills.  Ya have to at least know how to turn the damned thing on!  Quit clicking on links in emails and online ads that tell you you’ll get $500 in your checking account just by clicking the link and give them your account info.  Guess what?  It’s a lie to trick dumb people.  Nothing is free.  If a man knocks on my door telling me he’ll give me $500, he’s probably there to rob me.  The internet makes it easier for that robber, and he doesn’t have to worry about my 9mm pistol in his face either.

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