Time Changes

I never fully understood why we change the clocks twice a year other than to throw everything out of whack.  It does not save any energy in my house.  I’m still home during the same times.  It is usually light by the time I leave and light when I get home.  In the later parts of December, it is getting dark by the time I get home, but the lights would be one regardless.  I think it is a ploy to make parents suffer.  When we set the clocks back, the kids wake up at 5:00AM instead of 6:00AM because they can’t figure out the weekends are for sleeping in just a little.  When we set the clocks forward, the kids will not go to sleep any earlier and are assholes the next day because they still get up at 6:00AM instead of 7:00AM to make up for that hour lost.

Do you know how many clocks I have to change twice a year?  There is no less than ten clocks I have to change every time.  That is a waste of my time and energy.  This Daylight Savings Time must be some ploy to wreck havoc on our lives and waste our productivity.  Ok.  I am being cynical here, but it is a bigger pain in my ass than it is worth.  I do not care when it gets dark.  There is the same amount of light during that day regardless of what the clock says.

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