Uh…. Ouch!

This past weekend has been a very busy one.  The basement is getting finished, and in the process, I have realized how our builder screwed things up.  I knew going with a big builder like Khov was going to get a nice, new house built.  I just didn’t realize all of the mistakes that went along with it.  It is one thing to have the basement entrance differ in width by an entire inch.  It is another for the stairs to the basement to be complete junk.  I had to rip those out this past weekend so the contractor can replace the wavy and dangerous steps.  To top it off, there are two main load bearing beams that support the middle of the house.  One beam is wavy and not straight.  The other was rested on crap material that compressed a quarter of an inch.  The beams had to be jacked up and new material put in its place.

After all of that, I slam my head on a 2×8 board getting wood for the wood burner.  Talk abut instant headache!  It took 3 beers, some rum and root beer, a swig of moonshine, a glass of wine, and two Advil for that pain to dull.  It still hurts this morning.

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