Vacation to Work

There seems to be something wrong with needing to take vacation from work to get work done around the house.  It happens often around this time of  year.  Working full time, going to school full time, taking kids to football practice, keeping up the house, cooking dinner, and many other things I cannot remember.  When it gets dark earlier and earlier, I cannot mow grass at night.  I guess I could, but it would look like shit, and I would end up running over the cat.  This time of year, vacation is used for big projects around the house.  Moving a big pile of dirt, fixing fence, building  a barn, installing shelving, redoing plumbing, wiring the garage, and a few others have been done on vacation days.  I actually enjoy those vacation days.  It means that I am actually doing work that matters and will last a long time, unlike my real job where nothing I do will matter in three years (if that long).

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