What a Difference!

I never really noticed how big of a difference driving two vehicles could be.  Going from the Camaro to the Explorer or the F250 to the Explorer is not that big of a difference, but after driving the Camaro for a couple of weeks, going from the Camaro to the F250.  Wow!  It’s like going from a bicycle to a tank!  There is the obvious driver height difference.  My ass going from a foot off the ground to five feet above the road is just minor.  I thought the F250 was pretty zippy, but that 6-speed manual on the Camaro (even though it is a V6) makes the truck seem like a slug.  Granted, the truck weighs 4,000 pounds more than the Camaro.  No wonder I only get 11.7 MPG in the truck.  Then again, the Camaro cannot pull an excavator behind it.  I guess that is the reason I have both.  A practical work horse in the truck, and a more fuel efficient fun driver in the Camaro.

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