What Did I Just Do?

I have complained how Time is a cold-hearted, high-maintenance bitch who is never pleased, and all she does is cost me my life.  I cannot leave her either.  I am stuck in this one-sided relationship.  I have way too much to do, and not enough time to do it.  It is counter-intuitive that I would up my schooling to full time while working full time and having a full-time family.  Did I just go crazy?  That is a very distinct possibility.  Truth is, I want to get this degree done and over with, and just taking one class a term, I would probably die of old age before I got the degree.  That is a fantastic exaggeration, but that is what it seems like looking at what I have to do.  Most of my liberal arts bullshit is done.  Another big English Comp class, and I will start this full time schedule.  Hopefully, I will not die of a stress-related health issue first.

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