What Happened to Free Speech?

We were once tolerant of people with different views.  In this land of “free to be you and me” bullshit (and I will get to why this is bullshit in a moment), we supposedly pride ourselves on accepting different.  We accept different skin colors.  We accept different nationalities.  We accept different genders, religions, sexual orientations, life styles, etc.  So why the hell can we not accept someone’s viewpoint that might be different controversial?  It is called free speech in this country.  Who really gives a fuck about Kid Rock flying the confederate flag in his concerts.  It’s free speech, and he can do whatever he wants whether you like it or not.  What’s the difference between flying the confederate flag versus a rainbow LBGT support flag?  Both are offensive to certain people.  Both are free speech.  People need to stop being a bunch of pussies and quit the bitching about stupid shit.  If you really care that much about what someone says, then the “free to be you and me” is complete and utter bullshit.  Hypocrite fuckwads.

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