What We Are Here For

At some point in our lives, we question why we are here.  Are we here specifically to worship a god?  Are we here to just procreate and keep our species going?  Is there even a reason we exist?  I know I am not the only one who has asked these questions.  Here is a question: Does it even matter?  We all have our own religious beliefs.  Yes, atheism is actually a religious belief.  I hate it when people try and push their religion on me, so I do not press mine on them.  I just live my life how I think I should (with a bunch of added shit I know I shouldn’t).

I have a challenge, but first, there has to be some back story.  In today’s world, especially with the younger generation, people are only worried how everything affects them.  We get into pointless arguments with people who hold no value in truth.  They only value their thoughts and beliefs, and if we hold some other view, we are condemned.  Instead of trying to empathize with the other person or figure out why they think the way they do, these people lash out and attack.  Why?  In a society where everyone gets a trophy, people are not being taught there are other solutions to problems.  If we don’t like someone, it is always their fault (think about politics).  The challenge for us is to change that.

Change starts with ourselves.  We cannot change other people, but during our interactions with people, we can, perhaps, open their eyes to a new way of thinking.  Throughout The Event series, Evan Willcox brought new ways of thinking to alien societies.  As is in the real world, it is often met with fierce resistance.  He always tries to do what he thinks is best, but it never ends up like he thinks it should.  Something unexpectedly bad always happens.  Why?  He fails to see the bigger picture.

So, why are we here?  People think they know, but really, no one can be sure until we die.  In the meantime, we should be the best version of ourselves that we can be.  Yes, we will make mistakes, but we must learn from those mistakes.  I will tell you that I will be here to expand my boys’ horizons, and make them think outside the box.  They should ask why all the time.  I will also be here to try and make people’s lives around me better.  I might not be the best person in the world (far from it, actually), but I will do what I can to help those around me in their time of need.  Perhaps, that is while we are here.  Acquisition of material things at the expense of our friends and family is pointless.  We cannot take it with us, but we can lose everyone that we care about in the process.  Let’s quit worrying about why others are wrong and worry more on improving ourselves and helping the people close to us.

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