Who the Hell Cares?

Apparently, we have solved all of the worlds problems already.  All of the world’s hungry have been fed, cancer has been cured, climate change has been adverted, and everyone has jobs.  At least, I am assuming that because the Press Secretary for the White House might have made a pie, and it is somehow big news.  That is the only explanation I can think of as to why it made the news.  My other question is, who the fuck cares?!  Seriously!  Who fucking cares if one person out of the 7+ billion people on this earth made a fucking pie?

“OMG, she might have lied about it!”  OMG, who cares?  It’s just like a fisherman’s tale.  The one that got away is always exponentially bigger than the fish that actually did.  Shit, Moby Dick was probably just a catfish, and Captain Ahab hit a rock in a lake and was embarrassed that’s how he lost his leg.  (Yeah, there are tons of things wrong with that statement, but you get the point.)

My point is that I have enough to worry about just surviving to give two donkey fuckins what some lady might (or might not) have made during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Hell, I have too much to worry about to even read the article to find out.  Shit like this is why I stopped watching the news ten years ago.  When the news became an ultra-competitive, billion-dollar industry, it stopped being the news and turned into reality TV.  This does, however, give me something to write about on this blog, so I guess it isn’t a total loss.

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