Why Did I Watch That?

The wife got LASIK done yesterday, and I can understand why.  I hate wearing glasses.  It doesn’t bother me so much until I get scratches on the lenses.  In the waiting room, they initially asked if I wanted to watch.  “Hell, no!” was my first response.  An hour later, and it was her turn.  Curiosity got the better of me.  If I am going to get this done in the near future, maybe I should know what to expect.  I am a bit squeamish about the eyes.  After the first eye, I was done.  Why did I watch that?!  I really don’t want to get that done now!  I’m not going to wuss out.  I’ll get it done, but damn!  I’ll need to be knocked loopy before I can get in that chair and have them do that!  I’d rather sit through a five hour tattoo marathon than twenty minutes in that chair with them messing with my eyeballs.  My blood pressure is up just thinking about it!  Now, I do not know which I would hate more, this eye stuff or going to the dentist.

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