We can do many things over a period of time that our bodies get used to it.  The most common examples are drugs and alcohol.  Caffeine in coffee is technically a drug.  I drink coffee every day.  My body has become used to that caffeine.  When I stop drinking it, my body becomes angry.  The headaches, slight tremors, and very irritable mood are all symptoms of withdrawal.

Withdrawals do not have to be so blunt.  There are emotional withdrawals as well.  It is why we miss people.  We are accustomed to being around people we know and love.  When those people are gone, or those conversations stop, it hurts.  I have seen this effect so profound that couple who have been together for sixty years die hours apart.

So, technically, the true meaning of “emotional withdrawal” is completely different than my use here.  I merely used the phrase as a way to connect two different aspects into one in an attempt to be somewhat thought provoking at 6:00AM before my first cup of coffee.

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