Worthless Classes

I finally got through my precalc and IT-200 class.  I used to like math, but I literally understood nothing in precalc.  Sure, I could solve the problems, but I had no idea what any of it really meant.  There was no meaning behind it.  IT-200 was a joke.  It was probably a good class for someone with absolutely zero IT experience, but I have been doing everything in that class for 15 years.  What made it worse was that the instructor was pretty much an idiot when it came to IT in the real world.

This next term is IT-201 which is even more worthless to me than IT-200.  I cannot get credit for this class unless I had a CompTIA A+ certification.  In my opinion, that certification is worthless.  The only people who get that certification are people just starting out in the field or dumbasses that should not be in IT to begin with.  The first lab was hooking up a computer monitor.  Holy shit!  Really?  I am paying this college $1,000 to teach me shit I knew how to do 18 years ago?  What the fuck?!

Then, it made me realize how bad our society and education system has become.  Most of these kids that are just starting off in college might never have used a desktop computer, but there is only one place that cable will fit no matter what type of cable it is.  If it fits, it probably can go there.  Then again, a lot of the younger generation has no troubleshooting skills what-so-ever.  Some kids might need this IT-201 class.  People like me should be able to test out of it without the need for a worthless certificate that any hiring IT manager would dismiss as useless.  Equally, if a kid already knows everything in this IT-201 class, he/she should be able to test out and get credit towards the degree.

Then again, it is all about money and how the college can maximize profits (even if it is a non-profit school).

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