There are many things that can prompt us to go “WTF?”.  I bought a pair of side steps for the wife’s car.  Made for the vehicle with no drilling, or so the description on the product stated.  Those direction sucked.  Not only was there a step in the instructions to drill into the car, but the instructions were wrong in several other places.  They said to use 3/8″ teeth washers for a total of 12 bolts, but they only provided 8 of those washers.  The parts count in the instructions said there would be only 8.  Then the  instruction stated to use a pair of small screw drivers to remove the clips for the rocker panels.  I’m no car guru, and I have no idea how I was supposed to remove them.  I don’t think breaking the clips was the correct way.  In the end, the side steps look bad-ass and are on, but Westin…. WTF?

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