BS Holidays

I complained a bit about National Cat Day a while ago.  Today is National Pickle Day.  Why?  What the hell am I supposed to do or be grateful about pickles?  Some pickles are good; some are not.  Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day (talking US holidays now), Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Easter (Pascha) all have reason.  Some are Christian holidays that have taken another approach for a broader market.  Still, there is meaning and a reason behind it.  Other religions have holidays that have reason.  But National Pickle Day is an example of some bullshit holiday someone made up for some dumbass reason.  The only BS holiday that is even productive is National Talk Like a Pirate Day.  The only reason I can even tolerate that day is because we all, for a brief moment, get to live out our fantasy of being a pirate if only in language.  Scurvy, although a nasty disease, is a neat word to say that becomes an adjective in an insult.

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