For The First Time Ever…

This is the first time I have ever questioned living in Ohio.  I have always loved the change of the seasons.  By the time each season is ready to turn, I’m done with the last.  When I cannot stand winter any longer, spring arrives.  Then, summer opens the pool and the heat.  By the time I’m ready for fall and cooler weather, the leaves fall.  Shortly after, I’m ready for a little snow.  This year is different.  Last year’s bitterly cold -20 degrees long-assed winter has about put me over the edge with Ohio weather.  It is damp, cloudy, and almost cold.  I am not ready for this.  I still want nice, toasty weather.  Piss going to Texas – they have Ebola.  Florida and the southern states are a bit too humid for me in the summers.  The southwest is looking much better if I ignore the fact they’ll run out of water in ten years or so.  For now, I’ll stick with it.  Maybe this winter will not be as bad as people are saying.

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