American is becoming paranoid, yet completely ignorant.  Take the matter on guns and gun control.  It is so engrained in our culture the be able to own and use guns, but people forget that.  Thirty years ago, it was acceptable to bring your rifle and ammo to school so you and a couple of buddies could squirrel hunt after.  I am sure there were school shooting back then, but maybe not as many.  Then again, at schools where this was possible were much less “congested” with students with a lot less pressure from both society and other students.

Should there be gun control?  Sure…. to a limited point.  We do not want violent criminals or people with mental issues carrying a bunch of guns an ammo.  Guess what?  We already have those laws on the books.  What about drug dealers?  Those laws exist too.  I was reading an article in American Rifleman where given a scenario (very possible) if the law were to be enforce, this person would spend over 1,000 years in jail for violating gun laws.  If we need more laws, fine, but let’s first enforce the ones we have before we create any more.

Most of us who legally carry a firearm respect the law and obey it.  We’re not shooting up schools, banks, or store.  Almost all of the time, the person who commits these acts has already violated the law and should have already been pushed.  Next think you know, they’ll start banning knives and require permits to have kitchen knives because those can be jut as deadly as gun.

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