Prime Offender

I am almost an anti-technology preacher.  I think technology is going to ruin us.  We will become so dependent on it, that when it fails, it will be catastrophic.  The human species will not know what to do without it.  It almost makes me sick that I bought a Microsoft Band.  All I wanted was something that tracked my sleep.  My sleep cycles suck.  I am rested enough to be functional, but I know it can be better.  Collecting data is the first step in fixing it, but this thing is too damned “cool.”  It connects to my Windows Phone and shows who’s calling, the texts that just came across, the emails in my inbox, alarms from my phone, the UV intensity, weather, etc.  If it wasn’t so useful, I would throw it away as another technology sucking us in.  I guess my only comfort is that I am aware of this.  Most people are a slave to technology but are clueless about that fact.

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