I ordered a new set of rims and tires for the Camaro.  The ones on there now are great, but they are summer-only tires.  I wanted something so I could drive the car when temps dip below 40 degrees.  The tires and rims came in, and I went to get it dry fitted yesterday at the tire shop.  Long story short, the guy who ordered them (no longer at that place) did not document what I ordered, how much I put down, and ordered the wrong stuff!  I just told him I wanted all-season performance tires.  He ordered those, but the tires on the rims would have lowered the Camaro two inches!  That car cannot go two inches lower.  It’s already as low as it can go and still be functional.  I’ve got new 20’s on the way.   I do not blame the tire shop for the screw up of one former employee.  I’ll be happier with this set of rims anyways.

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