Being Prepared

One of the major themes in The Amanai Resistance is being prepared.  When it comes to survival, you are the only one you can really count on.  Your neighbors, family, governments, etc might all be dead or unable to help.  Do you have generators, gas, stabil, food, water, water purification methods, shelter, heat, ammo, and anything else you might need to survive a long stay at home with no outside contact?  This Ebola deal is about two steps from the edge.  If people are not smarter, this can easily spiral out of control.  That might mean a couple of months of staying put.  The government might be able to help a couple of town or cities, but it cannot help 300 million Americans.  If this turns south, don’t come knocking on my door.  There will be a no-visitors policy at my place, and with the survival of my family on the lines, I will not hesitate to defend my castle.  Make sure you can survive on your own.


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