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  • Inspiration

    I am a firm believer that you cannot write about what you do not know. What’s the best way to know something? Experience it. Good, or bad, experience is the mother of all teachers. A good book, a good poem, and a good song cannot be written without someone going through some shit. The most […]

  • Resurrection

    The title of my next book was going to be The Event: The Amanai Resurrection. I wrote about a quarter of the book; however, it just seemed to cliché how the story was turning out. I haven’t been able to get past that feeling, and I have not written any more of it. I do […]

  • Walls

    We take walls for granted.  Wall separate the area you sleep in from the area you shit in.  Walls were erected throughout history to keep foreign invaders out of a kingdom.  Walls make sense.  We also build up metaphorical walls around us so we do not get hurt.  Often after a painful event, we build […]

  • Responsibility and Others

    I read an article that a robbery suspect might be suing the good Samaritan who subdued him during a robbery for “excessive force.”  Excuse me?  The guy tried to rob a Starbucks with a knife, and when a hero tried stopping him, the hero was stabbed in the neck before stabbing the suspect a couple […]

  • Optimistic vs Pessimistic

    I try to be optimistic about my future.  Sure, I am going to make mistakes, but I hope I am smart enough to not make catastrophic mistakes.  It is much more difficult to be optimistic about the future of our species when it is filled with so many stupid people. In the mid-1950s, our country […]

  • Being Prepared

    One of the major themes in The Amanai Resistance is being prepared.  When it comes to survival, you are the only one you can really count on.  Your neighbors, family, governments, etc might all be dead or unable to help.  Do you have generators, gas, stabil, food, water, water purification methods, shelter, heat, ammo, and […]

  • How Dark is Too Dark?

    I finished the outline of The Amanai Resolution last night.  I cannot say that I am as excited as I was with The Amanai Deception.  Maybe it is because I have so much going on right not to really thing about it, or maybe it is because the story is so much darker than the […]

  • In the Face of Adversity

    Most people like to talk the talk.  It is human nature to exaggerate a little.  It makes us feel better about ourselves while helping promote our qualities to potential mates and negate the competition.  It is only in the face of adversity do our true quality appear.  Will we wither and die?  Will we fall […]

  • Back to Basics

    I hate hearing that term.  It seems over used, but perhaps, because no one listens to it.  Our lives are very complex.  Some tiny-ass country half way around the world can have an effect on how munch money is in my retirement!  With our lives all intertwined to a degree that few of us can […]

  • Can’t Believe It…

    I guess it doesn’t matter how many times something is read, the mind fixes mistakes on the run, and it is amazing how many stupid mistakes are left.  I wish I could be perfect every time, but I’m never perfect once.  I hope it will all be fixed before the final publishing, but knowing there […]