The title of my next book was going to be The Event: The Amanai Resurrection. I wrote about a quarter of the book; however, it just seemed to cliché how the story was turning out. I haven’t been able to get past that feeling, and I have not written any more of it. I do not want my stories to be generic or predictable. I want them to be meaningful and hold layers of themes. It did allow me to think through some things. I cannot say whether the thinking has been helpful or harmful. Most likely, it is a bit of both.

Resurrection is a theme in itself. You could take the biblical version. You could take the story of the mythical phoenix. For this “discussion,” the version of the story is irrelevant. I am not going to resurrect the Amanai as I had initially intended. No, that story is complete. I am thinking about different branches of that universe, but I have not come to a decision. The one thing I will be resurrecting is this site, and my updates. I have ignored certain aspects of my life because I was too preoccupied being stressed. I forgot to focus on me. I put on my blinders and helped everyone but myself. That might seem noble to some, but there is a reason why you put on your oxygen mask before helping others when a plane loses pressure. I cannot help others, if I do not attend to myself.

With renewed focus, from the help of some enlightening people, I’m looking forward to being a happier person that can actually get shit done. It’s also helpful that spring is almost here. Fuck winter and it’s muted color tone of misery.


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