Category: Insights

  • Christmas and Holidays

    It’s easy to think Christmas is a magical time of year full of friends, family, food, and gifts. That’s what we’re taught when we are growing up. Christmas has been bastardized into a holiday that has all but lost its original meaning. It’s almost offensive to say that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus […]

  • Finding Peace

    Most people spend their lives trying to find peace. I’m not sure how many people actually accomplish this task. It used to be that humans lived shorter lives, but more attached to each other and the land. Somewhere along the line, we drifted away. Right now, we’re so far away from living with the land […]

  • Processing…

    It’s amazing how fast modern computers can process information. It’s still not quite up there with how much the human brain can process (at least, I think), but we have a lot more we process than a computer does. Computers and humans also process things in a much different manner. While a computer typically processes […]

  • Howdy

    I peed today.

  • Only Time Will Tell

    Time is a double-edged sword. Time can go way too fast when we’re having fun, but it can also drag out when the shit is going down. I don’t mean boredom either. Kids should get bored when they are young to teach them how to create things. This past weekend, time slowed way down, but […]

  • The Point Between…

    It seems I have lived my life right in the point between success and failure, between glory and catastrophe. It’s not on purpose. It’s not like I love living in massive amounts of stress, watching my hair turn more gray by the month. I would rather have peace and tranquility. It’s my fault though. I’m […]

  • When Help Isn’t Help

    We have all been arrogant enough to think we are helping in a situation that we were unequipped to handle. “All you have to do…” is often a phrase that is used when we think we’re helping people, but we really aren’t. In our minds, and from an outside perspective, we think the solution is […]

  • A Light at the End of Incompetence

    What in the actual fuck? Today has been a cluster fuck of a circle jerk! She was told she couldn’t call me because I’m the ”victim.” In order for her to do so, I’d have to fill out a form. I went to five different government buildings, talking to seven different people only to find […]

  • Today Was Exhausting

    I cannot describe how exhausting today was. The arraignment hearing was today; another one is Thursday. I broke down more times than I can count. I finally got electricity restored to the house, just in time for a cold front and freezing temps. A load of laundry was done. I cleaned some floors and made […]

  • A Letter to My Love

    Dear Love, The first thing I must say is, I love you. The second thing I must say is, I forgive you. Please forgive me. I cannot understand what exactly happened that night. I can recall the events that happened that night, and I know the immediate outcome was of that night, but it was […]