Rules For Thee And Not Me

One of the things I hate the most is when people do not abide by the rules they enforce. It doesn’t matter the environment, it irks me still the same. What’s worse is when the people make the rules decide it’s beneath them to follow the rules they create. I’m not the best rule follower, but if the rules make sense, I’ll follow them. If people create and enforce the rules, they should make sense, or why create them?

When rules are created, they should be followed by everyone, assuming the rules make sense. Rules (and laws) should not be implemented if they are unnecessarily restrictive. Often times, rules/laws are created to protect stupid people from themselves. One reason why parents create rules for their children is to protect them. The key difference, however, is that children have not fully developed yet. Their reasoning and decision making skills are not yet developed as the brain is not yet fully developed. We adults should be able to make our own decisions, even if it costs us dearly. One clear clarification is that our own decisions should not dramatically affect other people, especially in a negative manner.

This is why we have common-sense laws against murder and stealing. Making other laws that restrict a certain group of people is unethical. Creating rules that you don’t follow just means the rules weren’t necessary, but a power play to control people you want. These rules are disguised to protect our safety, and society gladly gives up this freedom for safety. Once these threats are gone, the rules do not go away. We just keep adding rules and laws to further whittle away at our freedoms. While most of us suffer from these unnecessary rules, one group of people thrive on this subjugation of others.

This is the primary reason why I hate rules/laws like this. I’ve personally seen the blatant total disregard for rules by those “above” me while I was expected to follow them. I am good at finding the technical loopholes in these rules though. Those in management or in charge hate it when I quote the rules and state that what I’m going does not technically break their rules. If the rule doesn’t make sense, or the people who created them refuse to follow them, we shouldn’t be obligated to follow them. I could go into many examples, but I do not need to go into them. We’ve all seen examples of what I’ve mentioned. Rules are needed to prevent anarchy and chaos; however, there is a point where more rules become counterproductive.

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