Question Everything

In today’s world, the action of questioning things can get you labeled as an extremist or some form of “phobic.” Generations have been taught to fall in line and not question authority, unless it goes against some ideology that you were indoctrinated in. For all of human history, we’ve been taught to fall in line and accept things for what we’re told. If we question it, we’re the evil ones. This is how people in power stay in power.

Growing up, I was taught to think for myself. I was taught not to follow the masses; don’t be a Lemming. “If everyone else jumps off a cliff, are you going to?” Usually, this was a response my parents had when I tried to justify (with my kid mind) why I had done something that I shouldn’t have. “Billy and his friends did it….” Sometimes, my parents regret me forming my own opinion and views, but I know they are proud that I won’t be a sheeple doing evil just because everyone else thinks it’s okay.

The biggest problem I find today is that there are so many people who just go along with evil just because it is easier. They don’t question it. With social media, a lot of people who questioned the narrative of things like covid, riots, etc, are outcast from society and persecuted. It’s the modern day tarring and feathering of people who voice concern about our current state of affairs. In many cases, these people end up being right… or at least the ones I pay attention to.

I do question everything. It might be a simple answer that doesn’t require much thought, but I will question it. I’ll question why each side is making the decision they are. I’ll look deeper into it, doing my own research. I come to my own conclusions. In the beginning of the pandemic, the CDC had on their site that masks won’t do shit against the spread of covid. A month later, it was scrubbed from the internet. I can’t even find it on the archives. I swore I took a screenshot of it, but that is gone too. I’m not suggesting it’s a conspiracy, but it made me question why the sudden change in doctrine. When the powers say everything is fine, but I’m struggling, I question it. Is it me, is it them, or is it somewhere in between? More people should think like this.

Do I blame other people for thinking the way they do? No, but I struggle to understand it. I can empathize with just about any person and situation. I can put myself in their shoes, and I can feel what they say they feel. I want to get all perspectives. That doesn’t mean I understand why they do what they do or think what they think. I can use a “logic timeline” to see how they got from point A to point B and so on. That doesn’t mean I think they’re right, but it helps me understand their position.

I understand that people like me are rare, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good (or bad) thing. People need to question more. There are some kooky people out there who come up with wild explanations that make no scientific sense. They post shit, and people believe it. Before you know it, there are entire groups of people that think Earth is flat, even though physics tells us that isn’t possible. There are groups of people that think 5G caused covid, even though the 5G wavelength and strength isn’t powerful enough to mutate a virus like that. I’m not saying it couldn’t damage DNA and lead to cancers and such. I haven’t done enough research into that area to make a educated conclusion on that.

People are given “easy answers” to world events. These easy answers are generally a copout. It’s easy to blame someone’s actions on racism, greed, or some socially constructed “phobic” term. People have turned lazy since they haven’t had to hunt their own food or build their own shelters. In the Sherlock Holmes novels (and repeated in Star Trek by Data and Vulcans), the phrase “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” There are some logic (ironically) issue with how this is used. People tend to think an explanation is impossible when it really isn’t. You also have people explaining their actions saying something is impossible or redirecting us to what they say is truth, sometimes backed up with falsified or incomplete data. They are like magicians who use redirection to get their magic trick to land.

It’s our duty to look at each possibility and do our own research. We can’t just go to the internet and use articles that first come up, written by people who all share the same information. We must find the alternatives to that explanation and do our own research. We’ve seen too often how people in charge lie to save face. I’ve seen articles by the NIH that give all of this data, and in the conclusion, contradict the evidence they provided. When people read the summary, they only see the conclusion. Very few people will read the entire journal.

We have to question everything. Why is this person/group/country doing this? What is the perspective on the other side? Why would each side believe what they do? What is the root of that belief?

From Five Finger Death Punch’s song, “Question Everything”:

Who cares anymore?
What’s right anymore?

I question everything
I won’t lie
I’ve never been ashamed
I don’t mind
Admitting I’m to blame

I care no more
I can’t bear no more
I’ll say no more
I can’t give you any more

What is right anymore? We’re given so many versions of right, of “my truth.” I hate the term “my truth” because it means you don’t care about facts or what the truth really is. You’ve chosen not to believe truth and formed your own religion. When people state that, they’ve replaced reality with their own vision of what they think should be. Even worse, they try to force their “my truth” onto everyone. If it’s “your truth” then it cannot be anyone else’s truth. You can’t substitute what you want with what actually exists. You’ve replaced God with yourself. You’ve replaced religion with your ideas, making your ideas your religion.

I believe what I do because I’ve asked the questions, and I’ve done the research. I can see why people might not believe what I do, but their arguments are flawed. I know some of my arguments are flawed, but I do not try to push my opinions on other people. I don’t try to force them to believe what I do. All I ask is that they hear me out, just as I will hear them out. If we have a dialog, a conversation, I can respect their decision, whether I believe it or not. Is it too much to ask people to live and let live? Is it too much to acknowledge that people will have their own beliefs and opinions and to respect the right to have them?

Evil begets evil. All we need to do for evil to succeed is for good to do nothing. We’ve been beaten down to say nothing while evil gains its footing, entrenches itself, and builds an army. We’ve allowed evil to normalize evil acts and bring them to society. If we oppose those evil acts, we are classified as evil. People tend to scoff at when people quote The Bible, but there are some good lessons in there, regardless of whether you believe in God and/or Jesus. Isiah 5:20: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that count darkness as light, and light as darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” This isn’t some Jewish/Christian-only teaching. It was written because of what happened in the past. History is repeating itself. Evil acts are being called good to this day. Good acts are being called evil. It’s probably the first time it was written down for the masses to read.

I could go into great depths of historical facts of how people did evil acts in the name of good. History is littered with them. People will invoke the name of their god(s) to justify genocide. It’s happened before, and it is happening now. It might never change. What has changed are things that have always been labeled as evil are now, suddenly good, and it is being pushed on the masses, even though a majority of people still see it as evil. The most important thing we can do is question it. Shine light into the darkness. The darkness doesn’t seem to be afraid of the light anymore. We have a bunch of “day-walker” vampires now, feeding upon the innocent.

I could go on and on. Question everything. Don’t take people at their words, especially those who insist on labeling anyone that disagrees with them as extremists or phobic in some manner. That is a huge red flag that something isn’t right. Question people’s motives. Question authority. That doesn’t mean you have the right to ignore things because you don’t want to do/believe it. Don’t take people for their word. Don’t be a follower of your own life, be your own leader. A good leader knows when to follow; a good follower knows when to lead. We all have a part to play in life, whether we like it or not. It’s how we play that part that defines us. Are you going to find the truth, or are you going to accept what someone else is saying is the truth, regardless of whether they are right or not? Are you going to be a little bitch in life, or are you going to make life your bitch?


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