Bullshit Agendas

Like it or not, everyone has an agenda. The differences between people are their agendas: are they good or bullshit? Is your agenda for your family and/or your friends, or is your agenda for selfish gains? Too many people are selfish cunts who only lookout for themselves. They stab people in the back for the glory of themselves, their jobs, their ideologies.

We might think our agendas are our own, but too many people go through their lives being puppets for people who have greater agendas than their own. It is obvious in the corporate setting, within the government(s), and every system out there. It’s not some conspiracy theory, and I’m not wearing a tinfoil hat. The biggest question is what is the top-level agenda? People speculate all the time. Sometimes, we get insider information, but those people who reveal it are labeled as crazy.

Just look at the corporate level. When we work for corporations, we’re trying to do a good job, get raises, and provide for ourselves and our families. Our agenda, when working for a company, is to improve our situation by improving the company. We hope to have good performance reviews, gain new opportunities, get promoted, make more money, and to provide a better living for our families, but what agenda does the company have?

The answer to that depends on the type and size of the company. The most important thing to a company is making money. If the company is a public company, the primary goal is to get the shareholders more money as the shareholders own a piece of the company. The higher ups in a company have their agenda of making themselves more money with the company. They use us peons as their puppets to make more money. We tend to be idealistic until the curtain falls down around their charade.

This example replays itself over and over at various levels. Some people are dicks, and they need to feel bigger than they actually are. People in (perceived) power tend to warp good agendas to meet their own perception of what they think they need/want. Throw in some Axis I disorders, and things become really interesting. People use and abuse the system for their own gains, mostly at the expense of others.

I loathe this type of bullshit agenda. Instead of people working hard to improve themselves and their families, they use people to achieve their goals. People who gain strength off manipulating others are not truly strong, but weak. Sometimes, they might be stronger than us in a certain aspect, but we can be strong than them where it counts. That doesn’t help when we’re dealing with the financial, legal, or other types of issues they put us in. We must keep to our agendas pure and for the right reasons.

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