I Smell Something

And it smells like bullshit. We all know someone that can tell a story. These stories seem too fantastical for our experiences. It’s one thing if this person is an elite military special-forces operator, but it’s quite another when it’s Bob from next door. I know this special-ops guy isn’t telling me shit. I know he’s leaving out a bunch of secret or disturbing things he cannot/will not discuss. Bob works as a salesman for the local car dealership. Bob’s not done shit!

Even though I know Bob hasn’t done shit, he never runs out of stories to talk about himself. He lays out his stories like a spider building a web. We’re following him, trying to see where this is going. Those of us who are onto Bob’s bullshit are looking for that detail he fucks up. Even the best of us fail to realize that Bob is a master, building his web around us. By the time we realize what Bob is doing, it’s too late! We are ensnared in his web of lies and bullshit. We panic and look around, realizing our mistakes a little too late. Trying to follow and figure shit out, we lost site of our goal. Bob knew we’d be watching his details. He’s a magician with masterful misdirection. By the time Bob is done telling his story, we’ve forgotten key details we were sure was going to nail Bob down as a conversation con artist.

Bob is so arrogant and self-absorbed that he knows he’ll get away with it. We know it’s all bullshit, but he put enough truth in there to make it impossible to for us to call him on it. If we do, we’ll look like the jealous neighbor trying to one-up Bob. Unless we just happen to be there where Bob’s story takes place, we have no chance. By the time Bob if caught, he’s already moved on, and we really do look like the jealous neighbor if we call it out after the fact.

We all know a Bob in our lives, a person who has a story about everything, no matter what topic is brought up. In their prime, there’s not catching Bob. Bob has to get lazy and too confident for us to catch him. Bobs tend to be narcissists and only care about their image. Even if we caught Bob, he’d go into a narcissist rage and somehow turn the tables on us. Bob isn’t only our neighbor or coworker, Bobs and other like him are in our governments, corporate leadership, and even our goddamn PTA! Bob can be an individual or a collective of people, like a Borg collective of Bobs, a hive mind.

A prime example of this is the response to the pandemic. We were told a web of freshly-baked lies. If anyone spoke up and said, “Hey, that doesn’t many any sense,” or “That’s now how that works,” they were demonized, lost their medical license, banned from social media, etc. We weren’t given the opportunity for debate. We weren’t even given an opportunity to gather our own data. We were told to trust “experts” who weren’t experts at all. Doctors were paid to lie, or they were to scared to tell the truth. They were given cherry-picked data that made everything look good.

The authority figures were the Bobs. By the time we could access meaningful data or go through reports, it was pretty much over, and the damage was done. Hospitals were financially incentivized to lie about cause of death. What else could they do to survive? They weren’t allowed to do elected procedures. The only way to get income was for these kickbacks for reporting it as a COVID death. In the county north of me, the first COVID death was an overdose. Yeah, it wasn’t the lethal amounts of fentanyl in their system, it was COVID. Okay, sure. Whatever. I knew this was because the local hospital needed the money. After COVID, most of the hospitals around me were bought by gigantic hospitals because the financial damage was more than they could handle.

This was just one incident in a small community. Reports like this came from all over the country. They find a dead body, and it had COVID, COVID death! Don’t worry about the shotgun equipped with a toe trigger and the fact that most of the guy’s head is splattered all over the room. It is easy to lose the forest for the trees and get lost in the nitty-gritty details. It’s also easy to see the forest and ignore the individual trees. This shit was at the beginning of the whole thing. When you start looking at everything, it’s hard to believe how deep the rabbit hole goes.

In my career, I’ve had access to oceans of data. I could get access to any file within the corporation or business. I don’t do it because I don’t care. I don’t want to know. I do not need that shit weighing down my mind and soul. Let sleeping dogs lie. Don’t poke the bear. Could I have look at it all? Yes. Was I curious? Yes, but curiosity killed the cat. There’s no benefit for me looking for trouble, especially when trouble isn’t looking for me. For example, the VAERS data is available to download by anyone. Of course, they try to tell you how to interpret the data, planting seeds of doubt you might have when you look at it. The site tells you that vaccine “adverse effects” are under reported, but they also tell you that it’s just data, given by anyone, and just because something is in there, doesn’t mean the vaccine caused it. I’m sure that is true for some cases. If someone shoots themselves in the head seven days after getting the flu shot, I doubt it was an adverse reaction to the flu shot.

Having said that, all we have to do is look at the size of the files provided to know something was up in 2021. They have data from as far back as 1990. Those years, the files are small. They grow gradually. From 2017-2020, the files were statistically the same size (give or take a small percentage). In 2021, the file size jumps 1,500%. What? In 2020, there were slightly over 48,000 events. In 2019, there were 49,000 events. 2021? Over 750,000 events. Hmmm…. I wonder what is different about that year? It declines in 2022 to less than 17,000 events and a third of the file size of 2018. What? We would think that it would be higher than 2019, but less than 2021. Then again, when I download the data back in February of 2022, the 2021 file size was only a third of size of the one we can download now. How did the file size grow by 400MB in size if it supposed to be the same data? Did they not compile it all yet? If it goes to a human to enter on the CDC end, that means it can be manipulated. I’m not saying it was, but we can’t ignore the possibility.

This is the biggest Bob I’ve looked into. Personally, I can’t do shit about it. It doesn’t matter. I cannot change history. I’ll just let the data tell the story. It’s not my story to tell. For the past four years, Bob has been telling his story, but he’s gotten lazy. More and more people are starting to catch onto his bullshit. They are seeing that the people who were vilified in 2020 were actually right. Bob is in the middle of his narcissistic rage, lashing out at anyone that dares question his story. Most people are like, “Bob! Shut the fuck up! We’re tired of hearing you talk!” and walk away. There’s always one in the crowd that will introduce Bob to Lights-out Larry if Bob carries on too much for their liking. Do I condone that action? No, but it sure is nice when Bob stops talking for a little bit.


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