When in the throws of life, being bombarded from every direction, even the smallest of trials seem like an insurmountable task. It’s difficult to see all of the good all around us when all we see is challenges and evil surrounding us. Even though it is difficult to see the good, we have to look for it, or we will be consumed by negativity.

I cannot remember the last time I wasn’t bombarded by shitty circumstances in life. Some of these circumstances were my fault. I fully acknowledge that. There were outside forces at play as well. I can take the blame I am due, but I cannot take blame for things outside of my control, even though I’m good at taking the blame.

Are my circumstances worse than others? To some, yes; others, no. I’m not here to say I’ve had it worse than others. As Joe Rogan often says on his podcast, the worst day for you is the worst day for you. To some, their worst day is having a flat tire during a rain storm. To others, it might be witnessing a brutal crime. When it comes down to it, no one is immune of a shitty day, week, month, or year.

As some of these issues are coming to resolution, I know I still have some battles ahead, but the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter than it has been in a long time. This could always change without notice, but I will take the time to bask in the sunshine and relax a little. I will stop and smell the roses (even though my sense of smell is shit). I will stop and appreciate all of the good things around me.

I’ve never had someone who’s supported me this much. Too often, I’m left fighting by myself. I have some supportive figures in my life, but they cannot fight my battles. I’ve had someone come into my life that is right beside me during these fights. It hasn’t been an easy road for sure! This road has been treacherous. We’ve had our fair share of battles, and some of them haven’t been fair at all! Regardless, we’ve been by each other’s side, ready to pick up the shield when needed.

This is something I cannot overstate! Having someone beside me who cares just as much as I do is refreshing. I cannot say how much I appreciate it because words just seem inadequate. She’s always been there for me as long as she’s been in my life, but life threw so many damn curveballs all at once, it was difficult to see how much good was standing right next to me. People will bring up imperfections and reasons to be cautious, but actions speak louder than any words at any volume. My cup runneth over with love, admiration, and appreciate for her.

Just as I’ve tried to be there for her when she needs me, she’s been there for me. I’ve never had an equal partner, someone who is willing to give up so much to make sure our family is taken care of. As good as we are as individuals, we are better as a couple. We’ve been labeled the “most infamous couple” in the county, but we have transformed into a power couple, being greater than the sum of our parts.

As some chapters in our lives have closed, we are writing new chapters, ones that have shed the weight of our pasts, calming the anxiety of the unknown. This has allowed me to truly appreciate what I have. I know we have more battles ahead. It would be naive to think everything will be sunshine and unicorn farts. We know we have some imminent battles ahead of us. We know we have battles that have yet to be created, but we know we can overcome almost anything life can throw at us. We have a strong foundation, built on the bedrock of our love, commitment, and morals. We might not win every battle, but we are in it for the war.

Life has a way of knocking us on our asses when we get too cocky. Life also has a way of picking us up when we think we cannot take another breath. She breathes life into my lungs, igniting my soul. She gives me the energy to keep fighting when I don’t have the will to take another swing. Together, we hold each other up and remind each other of the beauty life has to offer. We open each other’s eyes to the grand possibilities ahead of us. We love each other and our family more and more each day. When life kicks me in the balls, I only have to look her in the eyes to know the pain is temporary. I only have to look her in the eyes to know life is worth celebrating. My heart overflows with love, and I cannot yell that loud enough, for the multiverse should know how much she has changed my life for the better.


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