Not Compromising IS Compromising

Today, it seems as though everyone refuses to compromise, but not compromising is compromising.  It’s like refusing to make a decision is actually making decision.  Everyone has their stances and their lines drawn in the sand.  It does not matter if you are a high ranking politician or a 3 year old kid.  Everyone has the right to not compromise, but everyone should know the consequences.  Let’s say you’re driving down a 2 lane road, and someone comes into your lane.  There are options, but  you refuse to compromise and just plow on.  It is your lane after all.  The person hits you.  By not compromising, you’ve compromised your vehicle, that person’s vehicle, possibly the health of every occupant in the collision, and probably a good deal of money regardless of who is at fault.  In the end, the outcome might not be any different if you made other decisions, but you can feel better about yourself if a 2 year old kid died as a result of not compromising.  You might not compromise your beliefs, but something else must be compromised in order to not compromise those beliefs.


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