Arrogance is Lethal

I loathe arrogance. If you want me to discard you like a piece of rotted trash, be arrogant. I want nothing to do with people who think they are better than anyone else. Yes, I go that far. I know that I am highly intelligent, and that isn’t because I think of myself that way; I have been told that I am. Still, I do not think I am any better than anyone else. If you want to boil it down to harsh reality, some of the best ideas have come from the dumbest of people. It takes all kinds of people to make ideas work. People like me tend to overly complicate things. If you want an example, look at some car designs where dropping the engine or removing a wheel is required to change the oil.

Being smarter than most people is different than acting like you’re smarter than most people. As my grandmother would say, everyone’s shit stinks. It used to be that the “rich and powerful” were the ones who’s arrogance caused wars and uprisings. Today, the youth is being taught that they are better than everyone else… unless their white and/or male. It’s been like that for decades. I was told back in 1998 that I couldn’t get a scholarship because I was a white male. In order for me to get the scholarships I needed to pay for college, I’d have to have almost perfect test scores. I’m horrible at standardized tests because I overthink the answers. It’s also an odd story because I did receive the Martin Luther Jr. Scholarship. Yeah, go figure.

Anyways… the youth have been taught that they are special. The sense of entitlement, because of this, is insane! Did I think I deserved those scholarships? No. I wasn’t happy that I there was a biased against me because I was a white male, but I accepted it, didn’t go to college, and had a rather successful career. I didn’t think I was better than anyone else. It led me to a path I wasn’t originally going to take. The big difference today is that the youth is taught that they deserve everything for nothing. Kids and young adults have had arrogance pushed upon them via the indoctrination that started decades ago. “You deserve money, food, and shelter, but you shouldn’t have to work for it.”

Typically, nature has a built-in mechanism to weed out that characteristic: those people die from starvation or exposure. We have been circumventing nature by building up social programs and pushing Marxist teachings that allow people to be that arrogant without consequences. The hard workers will continue to work out of self-worth. We don’t do it for others, we do it for ourselves, so we can sleep at night without guilt. What happens when this arrogance hits critical mass?

As Buddy says in the movie “The Incredibles,” “When everyone is special, no one is.” When those who created this conundrum can no longer control it, or is no longer around, the house of cards collapses on itself. When multiple generations have no life skills, they rely on people who have skills they have dialed in through decades of living. When those resources (skilled individuals) dwindle, there will be a panic; there will be chaos. When the people with life skills get fed up and no longer help those who chose to believe they were better than everyone else (and didn’t need skills), that is when the shit will hit the fan. I doubt those people will even understand that they were wrong. Society has made multiple generations of self-entitled narcissists. Narcissists do not know they are in the wrong. Instead, they blame everyone else. We are at the start of this collapse now. Social media has made creating narcissists as easy as making PopTarts.

Arrogance is not only lethal to the individuals who are arrogant, but to those around them. When people do not understand they are wrong, when they cannot see it, they take their rage out on others. The term “narcissistic rage” exists for a reason, but everything in society these days are telling people they have the right to be enraged.

I, honestly, have no clue whether we will emerge from this as a species. We are on the cusp of WWIII because people are too arrogant to realize they are wrong, too arrogant to realize they are being gaslighted by our leaders and our media. Not only did they create multiple generations of narcissists, but they built in an unwavering trust in authority, and since narcissists cannot understand they are wrong, they cannot see why authority has not been trusted since the dawn of our species. I believe it is a mental illness to be too trusting and being paranoid to an extreme. As with everything there is a healthy balance. We just don’t know what that looks like anymore.


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