Finding Peace

Most people spend their lives trying to find peace. I’m not sure how many people actually accomplish this task. It used to be that humans lived shorter lives, but more attached to each other and the land. Somewhere along the line, we drifted away. Right now, we’re so far away from living with the land that we’re destroying it for the dumbest reasons. I’m not a hippy fucktard who thinks everything is climate change. Shit, recycling is pretty much bullshit. Most of our plastics get sold to countries like China and dumped in the ocean, not recycled. We think we’re going good, but we’re not. Why? It’s because other people are fucking things up.

We do similar things in our lives. We try to find the peace of living in a home with our families, content with life. Most of us don’t want to be rich; we just want enough to live comfortably. Why is this goal so hard to achieve? Not only do we sabotage ourselves with stupid decisions/mistakes, others fuck us over for their own personal gain. The system is designed to fuck over good people. “Change the system!” people chant. The system was created by people in power or who wanted power. Why do they want power? Money! The people who are demanding a new government or society are being duped by the people who want themselves to be in power instead of the current power holders (wherever you’re located). What will they do with the power if they get it? Use it to stay in power.

So, how do we achieve peace when so many things are against us? Alone, we rarely can. We have to have our community, our families to help us achieve this. Surrounding ourselves with people who are out to help others more than themselves (but also want to make sure they are taken care of themselves) is the only way to get to this goal. Farmers used to share equipment and help each other with the harvests. One owned a combine. Another owned hay bailers. Each owned something to help their neighbor because they could not afford to get everything to be self sufficient. Yes, people screwed people over, but when someone was in need, people answered.

Whether you believe in God or some other deity, religions have helped us realize that there is more out there than ourselves. We can be wiped out in any moment. A tree could fall on us or an asteroid could go through our skulls. It takes a little humility and patience to find peace. I haven’t found it yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday. I’m surrounding myself with people who care about me as much as I care about them. I’m trying to do what I can to help other people find peace so I can find it myself. I’m in a better place than a year ago. I’ll be in a better place tomorrow. One foot in front of the other. I’m already more at peace than I thought was possible, thanks to someone really special who has helped me more than I feel I’ve helped her.


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