Friends and Family

How can someone that I’ve never met seem more concerned with my wellbeing than people who live with me every day? I use the word “seem” to give the people living with me the benefit of the doubt. (To be fair, my boys were at their mother’s the week of my surgery.) After surgery, I was out of it. Whatever they gave me, knocked me for a fucking loop for an entire day. A couple of hours later, I barely saw anyone in the house unless I staggered out of the bedroom.

I didn’t see any concern for my pain. Hell, the question of my pain wasn’t even asked inside the house. I had no idea I wasn’t supposed to be in that much pain. Someone that I have never met showed more concern for me than someone I’m married to. That should not be. The day after surgery (Friday), I was still loopy as fuck. The next morning, I could barely move. Twelve hours of no pain meds literally almost made me piss myself to take a step. Even with the prescribed pain meds, the pain was nearly intolerable, and I live with pain every day. It wasn’t until this friend began asking questions did I start to question things. It took some convincing for my stubborn ass to call the doctor’s answering service, but I am so glad I did. The doc told me to double the pain meds, and he would get me more if needed.

Because of someone that I have never met, I’m functional again. I still cannot lift anything heavy, but that is to be expected for at least a month. People that are living with me could not see how much pain I was in. Someone 1,000 miles away could. That blows my fuckin mind. I cannot thank this person enough.

I have had several friends who have asked me how I’m doing more than the people living in this house (outside my boys since they were not here for this past week). Maybe the people in the house think I’ll ask for help when I need it. Then again, if a person 1,000 miles away can call out my stubbornness, people living with me should know better than to think I’ll ask for the help instead of sucking it up and suffering.

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  1. Sometimes the people that rely on you most will be in denial that you’re human. Especially children. It’s easy for them to think dad is a superhero because then the answer to where you get your powers from doesn’t need to be answered. But I could be way off….

    All I know is, hernia surgery is more serious than people know if they read about it on google. You don’t want your insides falling out; popping out. I can’t even believe Amazon sells harnesses for your guts like it’s a normal thing.

    Not a bra. Intestines shouldn’t be pressed outside the pelvic area. YOU’RE WORKING TOO HARD, GET ASSISTANCE you duncuff. (Heinsight 20/20)

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