I’m Back, Bitch!

The last month (or so) has been a wild ride. Life is difficult enough to maintain without death threats, law enforcement showing up at your house, divorce, lawyers, civil protection orders, new love, trying to sell the farm, etc. I’ve wanted to post on here for a while, but there never seems to be enough time in the day. Shit, I’ve had days where I’ve looked at the clock and wondered how the fuck it was 4AM on a Tuesday. I don’t like that feeling. Things might be starting to calm down. Maybe.

I’ve gone from having a publisher wanting me to pay to publish my book and helping a friend out of an abusing relationship to the soon-to-be ex-wife threatening to kill me to my oldest son to falling madly in love with the friend I went to help. I’ve had people thrash every decision I have ever made while not understanding the situation. How can any person handle all this shit? Alone, we can’t. I’ve been near my breaking point a few times lately.

I understand this post might be a rambling of bullshit in a vain attempt to get caught up on the last month, but anything I write in here cannot do this last month justice. The lowest lows have been outshined by the highest of highs, and no, I’m not talking about drugs.

When we do something that out out of the ordinary, people will tear apart those actions because they do not understand it. How can they? They don’t know the true meaning of something. It’s like a teenager trying to explain to their great-grandmother how the to do a combination attack in the latest video game. They just aren’t going to understand the shit. I’ll get into more of that in a later post. This is a generic catch-up post.

Simply put, I’ve had death threats and falling madly in love. It’s been crazy. More to come.

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