Is it possible for two people to be linked in a way they could not have imagined? Everyone remembers quantum entanglement from their grade-school quantum physics class, right? This isn’t Star Trek where they actually have shit like that; it’s a joke. It could very well be possible though. Being three-dimensional creatures in a three-dimensional world (plus time), we can only be aware of our world. If there is a fourth-dimension, say where our souls live, there would be no way for us to observe it. Experiments dealing with the body’s weight at the time of death to “measure” if a soul has mass would be irrelevant if our souls are bound to the fourth dimension.

With the theory bullshit out of the way, is it possible for two people to form such a connection that the other can tell, or feel, when the other is stressed, sad, happy, etc.? Why not? People in close proximity can feed off each other. Mass hysteria anyone? Panic can spread. Anger and violence can turn a group of people into a mostly-peaceful protesters, I mean a mob.

There is a psychology to a group of people, but what about just two? We’ve heard stories of twins knowing that the other had just died, even though they were hundreds of miles away. That type of story could be bullshit, but it might be true. Science will blow this off as pseudo-science or other bullshit, but science is ill equipped to explain things it cannot observe. It goes against science.

Can I explain it? No. Have I ever felt that connection? I believe so. I’ll just be going about my day, and think to myself, “Why do I feel so down when I wasn’t a few moments ago?” I later find out something happened to someone that I share a bond with. I cannot explain it. Could it be in my head? Sure. Could it be coincidence? Yeah. The problem with just blowing it off as I’m crazy is that it happens way too often for it to be just random coincidences. I’m open to other explanations, but I don’t really need any. I’m okay with it the way it is.

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  1. When I was in grade school I remember writing about length x width x height = volume.

    Then I said to myself,” why isn’t time the 4th dimension? What fills the space in this room today could be gone tomorrow.” Then in high school after learning more about Einstein and understanding I was onto something at age 10… I remember at 15 my AOL instant away message was, “time is not real; it’s solely a way to measure change.”

    Most 15 year old girls had entirely different perspectives mind you. My point was lost by the crowd.

    But it’s interesting to notice when within 60 seconds of something, someone may be on the same thought. However random or obscure that thought may be. Kind of mind-blowing.

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