What motivates someone to do anything? It could be money, fame, peace, etc. Motivation can be good or evil. I would argue that motivation is a self-service thought/feeling. An obvious question is why are we motivated to do anything? That can be discussed, but I think we are motivated to do things that will eventually help us out with what we want in life, whether it is good or evil.

Motivation, as a concept, I can understand. What I cannot understand is how some people motivate the shit out of themselves while others cannot be motivated to do anything positive. How does someone pull themselves from brink of suicide to a thriving person who is happy while someone else cannot motivate themselves to drink a glass of water instead of a can of their favorite sugary beverage?

I get it! I have suffered from depression and anxiety too! I also believe I suffer from some seasonal depression. In the winter, I don’t want to do shit. It’s a struggle to get anything productive done. By late winter, I’ve fucking had it! I have to change! I have to do something different. I start eating better. I start exercising. I start getting shit done around the house. Honestly, I’m the only one who consistently does anything around the house. I’m not here to pass judgement. I’ve stated in previous posts that we all have our own demons, me included. I’m not without empathy.

What I cannot stand is when people get angry with people who have the motivation to better themselves. A fat person at a gym should never be mocked. Do people realize how hard it is to start that transformation? Do people realize that the motivation to get to the gym was so very difficult to come by? They could have kept watching Netflix and eating pints of ice cream, but no! They got their asses off that couch and made it to a gym. Those people should be praised!

Motivation is fleeting though. Short-term motivation is easy to come by and is easily gone. Transforming that short-term motivation into a long-term motivation is difficult. People need positive support for that. The old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” can apply to this. We can do everything under the sun to help motivate people, but they have to take that step. They have to do the work. It’s easy to say works. It’s hard to do the work, especially when you do not want to do anything.

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