Only Time Will Tell

Time is a double-edged sword. Time can go way too fast when we’re having fun, but it can also drag out when the shit is going down. I don’t mean boredom either. Kids should get bored when they are young to teach them how to create things. This past weekend, time slowed way down, but this time, helping to preserve perfect moments. As the weekend drew to a close, time sped up too fast. Anxiety ensued.

When dealing with mistakes, time can still go too fast or too slow. What seems like forever waiting for people to make decisions or get back with you is also met by a quicker than expected date with destiny. On the other hand, that date with destiny seems to take forever because anxiety is slowly killing us while we wait for the inevitable, even if we don’t know what that is.

Having a wide range of outcomes doesn’t help. The outcome could be great, but it could also be devastating. If you love someone going through that process, time can be as equally dickish. Not wanting your loved one to go through the anxiety is anxiety causing in itself. It’s also difficult thinking about the different outcomes. It’s obviously not as bad if you’re not the one dealing with the outcome firsthand, but it still sucks watching your better half go through something like that.

Unfortunately, if you have any sort of imagination and/or intelligence, your mind will go through the spectrum of outcomes like a rollercoaster from Hell. It goes from ”We’ve got this” to ”we’re fucked” in the matter of minutes. It might happen once a day or once an hour. It’s taxing either way. It can make looking at the future beyond the chaos almost impossible. It’s hard to look past our self-imposed wall, especially if we built it too high.

I believe that, in the end, there will be a wonderful life together. There might be a shit part along the way. In the past couple of years, we’ve dealt with covid lockdowns, riots, financial chaos, and other personal catastrophes. I know we can get through this. Right now it sucks. I don’t think it will suck past this. We just have to push through, trust the people we hire, and remember love. I hope time is kind to us.


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