Responsibilities + Laziness

In today’s world, no one wants to take responsibility for anything. Kids do not want to take responsibility for doing their own work. Presidents and leaders do not want to take responsibility for the aftermath of their decisions. What if the outcome is good? Sure, they’ll take the glory in those instances; however, during the entire time preceding, they attempt to set themselves up to not take responsibility if things go south.

What is even worse is the level of laziness that exists in society. Hard work used to be rewarded. Now, the only thing hard work gets you is more hard work. I have never understood how adults can pretend to be adults yet not do anything adults should do. When raising children, it should be a joint effort. Not one parent should be responsible for every aspect of something without agreement from both parties. If one person wants to mow the grass every time, and the other wants wo manage the garden, that is perfectly acceptable… as long as the agreement is followed. Not one parent should be responsible for always taking a kid to practice or picking them up (assuming job schedules permit).

What happens when these agreements are not followed or one parent takes total advantage of a willing partner? One partner always feels neglected and taken advantage of. One partner builds resentment at the other who does not help. These can only go on for so long before shit really hits the fan. If the responsible partner lives in silence, the offending partner has no clue anything is wrong. It becomes a surprise when the shit does hit the fan.

These words are simple to type out or say. They are very difficult to live, and it is very difficult to solve a situation like this. Add any type of addition to this, and it becomes even more of a mess. I wonder how many of these instances are caused by addition versus the offending partner from just being an asshole. All I know, it isn’t fun either way.

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