Selfless vs Selfish

One thing I have learned recently is that if you are the only one being selfless, everyone else is selfish. What do I mean by that? In order to answer that, we have to understand the difference between selfless and selfish.

Selfless people give everything they have without regard to repayment or receiving anything back. On the other hand, selfish people only look out for how a situation benefits them. An example of a selfless person might be making sure everyone gets everything they want/need for Christmas. A selfish person is only concerned with what they will be getting for Christmas. This past Christmas is a prime example for me. I did everything in my power to make sure everyone got everything they wanted/needed for Christmas. I received nothing. That’s right, no Christmas gifts for me. Even the money my parents gave to me to spend on myself, I spent on my kids.

Am I an idiot for letting this happen? Maybe, but I’d rather die sacrificing myself than living as a coward. Does it hurt? Hells yeahs, it does! This is when I realized that if you’re the only person being selfless, everyone else is selfish. In an ideal world, in an ideal family, each individual is supposed to accept a certain amount of sacrifice to benefit the family unit. When only one person is willing to make the sacrifice, the family unit is broken.

Who’s fault is it? Me? Societies? Who the fuck cares? I’m old school. I was raised differently. Does that mean I raised my kids wrong? I can accept some responsibility, but I also know that once kids enter school, the parents are less of an influence. This only increases as they age. What about the wife and her kid(s)? I cannot control what people think or do. I cannot help my selfless nature. It is who I am. Even if I get the shitty end of the stick, I’d rather be selfless than selfish.

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