Surrounded, but Alone

How can someone be surrounded by family and friends, yet feel so alone? It might happen more often than you think. I have had person experiences with this throughout my life, but I also know people suffering through the same thing. In my experience, it stems from people not being on the same page in a relationship. One party will distance themselves (for whatever reason), and it pushes the other party away. At some point, someone gives up.

The third book in the series touches on this. The fourth book was going to highlight this further. There was going to be an array of redemption, but the story never felt organic the way I had thought of it. When an author writes a story, the author has to believe it can be possible before the reader can even attempt to be convinced. I struggled with believing the redemption part. I wanted the redemption, but wants rarely bring about results.

A lot of us want an escape from reality, but I want to write about things that are real. Yes, I understand the irony in writing sci-fi and things being real. One thing that transcends genres is the human factor and human nature. Do I feel alone despite having a plethora of people around me? Yes. Why? I believe it has to do with people having different goals. It also ties back to the “Selfless vs Selfish” entry I did before this one. I do not have a “best friend” as most people describe it. In fact, I have very few friends. If I consider you a friend, be honored. I can count the number of friends on a single hand, maybe both hands on a good day.

With all of this, how can I write a convincing story about redemption? Honestly, I cannot; at least not yet. Hell, I have yet to figure it out in real life, let alone write about it in a story. I have an imagination, but reality has to be the base of the story, even if it is fantasy. I might figure it out. When/if I do, the next book will be easily written.

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