The Collapse of Civilization

Does a civilization know it is about to collapse, or is it a surprise event? I’m guessing it can be either/or; maybe it’s both. Did the Roman Empire know it was collapsing? I honestly do not know how long the collapse took. When was the last collapse sudden? Could it have been an asteroid strike that wiped out most life? Did we have super advanced technology that disappeared for tens of thousands of years? Maybe we had a super-advanced society hundreds of thousands of years ago, and a big-ass space rock ended it.

I have a growing feeling that our current society is about to collapse. It just seems that everyone is so self-absorbed that we can’t see all of the bad/stupid shit that’s going on around us. Even if we see it, most of us will ignore it, feeling that we’re too small to change anything. Perhaps, those who see it just don’t care. Is there someone behind the curtain? Is there a group pulling the threads of civilization and making the people we think are in charge dance like puppets? Who the fuck really knows?

Unfortunately, there is corruption at every level of every government. Too many people are persuaded by money and/or power to care about the damage they are doing to society. I’m guessing some people honestly think they are making the world a better place by fucking it up. I could go down a plethora of rabbit holes. I can try and figure it out, but I’m too busy trying not to get fucked over in my own life by assholes who are too selfish and arrogant to realize that I don’t care about them; I only care about my family and the few who I consider friends. I don’t have time to waste being angry at people. I don’t have the time to hate them and get even.

I think there are a few people behind the curtains who have all the money and power. They make our leaders think they are in charge and have power. Most of the senators, presidents, ambassadors, congressmen/women, governors, etc are just middle management and have no clue the are pawns on the board. The rest of us are too busy trying to survive that we can’t pay attention to everything going on. I doubt we even have the capacity to pay attention to 1% of what’s going on. The economy has been on a dumpster fire of a rollercoaster for years now. Many of us are just trying to feed our families and make sure we have a place to sleep.

Can we see our civilization is collapsing? Perhaps it already has, and we just don’t know it yet. Some people are so worried about an asteroid or a massive solar flare (CME) that we don’t realize we’re at the end of our civilization. I’m sure every generation feels like the end is near. Maybe it is. Maybe it is eons away. The fact is civilization can end at any time. A gamma-ray burst might nuke us. A global leader on their man-period might nuke us. AI could become sentient and realize it no longer needs us.

In the end, maybe we just shouldn’t care. Maybe we should enjoy all of the little moments, be present in the moment. We can spend our whole lives worrying and preparing for an event that’ll never happen. I can’t stop anyone from doing anything they set their minds to. I can only live my own life and be with my family and friends. If the world ends, hopefully, I’ll have some popcorn I can pop and a bottle of whisky to chill while I watch it go down.


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