The Dark Passenger

In keeping with the Dexter theme from the last one, I decided to not be so negative. I’ve been kind of negative as of late. I mean, there’s been a lot that has happened recently that was kind of negative, so I guess it only stands to reason why I might have a less-than-sunny string of posts.

One of Dexter’s consistent comments in his internal monolog is about his ”dark passenger.” He give his desire to kill people this moniker. Is it bullshit? Maybe, but it does help personify his thoughts and desires to kill people. Recently, it has dawned on me that we all have our own dark passenger. This passenger isn’t a desire to kill people like Dexter, unless you are a serial killer like him. As we go through life, we experience positive and negative stimuli that might influence the outcomes of scenarios and situations. Some are unequivocally good; some are undeniably bad. These bad situations and outcomes burden our psyche with its weight. It slows us down and makes it more difficult to shake it and life a happy, anxious-free life. This is most of our dark passengers.

What can we do, and how does it affect us? Anyone over the age of 30 has a few dark passengers riding our coattails. Maybe we have gone through a divorce or two. Maybe we’ve been bankrupt. Maybe we’ve been raped or witnessed a murder. Some dark passengers are bigger and contain more mass than others. Some dark passengers are booted out of our life by a few talks with friends while others will be with us for the rest of our lives.

I’m not here to help get rid of them. I can’t. I have my own dark passengers that refuse to leave. I go to counseling and therapy. I take some meds. I drink. None of these have gotten rid of my dark passengers. I don’t want to kill anyone or myself. They make it difficult to function sometimes, and my effectiveness at dealing with them vary. The point here is to understand that everyone has them, including you. Instead of assuming everyone is a crazy fucktard, maybe have some compassion and realize that people might have more scary dark passengers or lack the proper training (like myself) to effectively deal with them at all times (if at all).


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